Finding Inspiration

flight of the dancerI was looking deep inside for “Feel Good” inspiration and found many and non which left me stymied. I was living in a grocery store of Inspiration and became overwhelmed at all the choices; too many choices can lead to stagnation in choice making.

As stated eloquently by Barry Schwartz on TedTalks, and his book “The Paradox of Choice.” July 2003. Here Barry talks about the, ”paralysis is the consequences of a world that has too many choices.” Dr. Barry Schwartz continues in an enlightening presentation at

Feeling temporarily stymied – I was halted in my tracks, re-examined my little predicament and changed my route, my outlook and my thinking.

Noticing a small incidental trigger in reviewing another blog, feeling I must and definitively have a blog makeover was my guillotine in placing myself in a lesser than, not measuring up to some unknown potential place. Exceeding our own limitations is laudable, nevertheless debasing ourselves in “I am not as good as them” is self sabotage. We have different talents, offering these skills in written words, spoken and animated presentations, expression of art or corporate endeavors, all are personal. Augmenting and honing our skills, seeking differences to expand our world with wisdom.

Of course I recognized this self-sabotaging trait and immediately quit the comparisons, nevertheless, what to write about when confirmed on the topic to be “Inspiration” became my enigma. My fascination in twists of life found myself creating my own intrigue.

art impressionA trip into historical expressionism, we only need to look back to the 1860’s, thriving times in Paris, artistic talent; impressionism. Paris was flooded with artistes, but only a few were revered. The well-known artist of yesteryear, whose wondrous arts drape all our current museum walls, with grappling Billionaire collectors purchasing the impressionist art for record millions. A hundred and sixty years previous one might find a Monet or Renoir masterful painting thrown into the dépotoir (dumpster) out of artistic frustrating depression.

Recently Monet’s Lilly Pads sold at Christies Modern Art auction in New York for $43 million. Monet along with Manet, Renois, Pissarro and more were not considered remotely the great artists in their days as we view them in the twenty-first century today. They were broke, hungry, often drunk or mad with anguish, fighting to be recognized for their nouveaux talents.


First, I looked to a friend and her astuteness as a stage actress. Her comments confounded me with new found wisdom. (Asking) Patti what brings you joy? I only feel like myself when I am being someone else. When I walk into a theater, it’s different every time, that is my home, a passion. The experience touches the audience once, makes them feel that one time and they take that experience with them.”

Patti’s view from an actor’s side was an awakening, a perspective I had never seen; an inspiration.

Finding inspiration is simple, one only needs to peer through a window or walk outside to watch nature for a moment. Here in Colorado taking a breath of wonderful air, gaze at the Rocky Mountain range and its’ endless horizon, a wide breadth panoramic vista.

Although Colorado Springs was not my first choice returning home to Colorado, I wanted to return to Denver. Having two Arabians in the city of Denver would be a challenge and curtail my rocky mnts1passion for riding. Remembering the beauty of Black Forest was a second choice, and reminding myself, “we must make the best of what we have” became a determined goal.

I was engulfed with inspiration, sitting down to write knowing if I wrote everything I felt inside would be long winded; this is not my motive. Conveying the simple, Inspiration is all around us if we are willing to stop for a moment allowing our surroundings to caress us. Admittedly there are harsh times – challenges we all face in life. These detours lend more importance in taking a break from the asperous, allowing inspiration to show its self-changing mind set.

antelopetweetbirdA simple trip finding a well-known park reveals a beautiful pastoral of grazing antelope in a huge pasture with Angus cattle in lazy slumber three miles down the road from where I live.

Being around happy people is uplifting: Sadë and I needed to find Memorial Park here in Colorado Springs.

After parking, we walked towards a crowd thinking there was some kind of family sports day outing. As we approached the cacophony of laughter filled the air along with applause. Yellow volley balls were flying over purple nets with every score Asian drums resounded filling the air with cheers, no matter which side scored. There was no better than team. Everyone was a team and won.

The aromas of food waffled through the air, with laughter and chatter elevating my enthusiasm.

As Sadë and I walked closer to the massive family gathering, at first I thought it was an Asian conclave. No, this is Colorado it is multicultural. Indeed this was a family day of friends peppered in the joyous sharing were Black Asians, African-Americans, European Whites and Hispanic all sharing joyously.

I watched as a couple of Asian ladies who crept upon a friend to surprise her, immediately enfolding into a threefold hug, excitement permeated the air as they gazed into each others faces. chinese ladyA beautiful clamoring sound of Chinese conversation filled the air delightfully whilst they held hands. Family time meant a gathering of all people to share food and laughter from babies to great grandparents. Culture – beliefs – skin color – career backgrounds were invisible. I have come home to Colorado!

As Sadë stopped to sniff the carpets of green grass, I looked around and saw rolling hills of green grass everywhere.

This moment was auspicious, a wish come true. There were a few things I looked forward to in coming home to Colorado. First was the green grass, carpets of rolling hills of green and to watch my dog Sadë roll happily on her back wiggling all around on the grass in sheer joy. We have found many such areas, but none as continuous in green grass everywhere I glance around Memorial Park.

She curls her head down, rolls onto her shoulder to begin her I feel so good-happy doggy dance, this action delights my heart while Sadë wiggles and smiles.

As we walked further along the pathways there were geese waddling everywhere, some taking flight with a shutter of burble, off they flew in the direction of the panoramic view of the Rocky Mountains. Chills ran through my body while I was awe struck. It had been six and half years since I had seen my beloved Rocky mountain vista.

Off in the distance on this massive park chimed some bells denoting the time. The bells continued in lyrical music, ringing out “America the Beautiful.” Sadë rolling in a new spot, the Rocky Mountains stately before me, storm clouds languishing above us, a delirious cacophony of sounds from multicultural family gathering to the side of me – this is more than inspirational.

    Aspire to Inspire before you Expire!

My wish list continued in having my two Arabian horses living with me, at home in a back yard. only those who knowAlbeit not permanent, I have the peace my soul craved. At any time I may peer out of a window, or walk out on the side deck not to disturb their quiet sunning time and see their beautiful glistening bodies, hear their nickering, watch their tail switch away some annoying flies. Every morning and every evening I walk out to feed them hay and grain, wash or brush their beautiful bodies and give them carrots.

Several times weekly Klassic and I go riding for an hour or three. We saddle up, step on my little collapsible stool, leg over and we are off on a nice trot. I sweat, Klassic stays cool except under the saddle pad. We greet many neighbors riding, some whom have offered their pastures for my Arabians to graze. We ride along all the roads looking at houses, meeting people of all different backgrounds and life styles. Sometimes we must jump off the road to be mindful of a clanking truck kicking up a good deal of dust I do not wish to breathe nor expose my horse to any undue noise that may spook him.

Recently a young girl was ecstatic as Klassic and I jumped into their treed front yard to face a Waste Management truck pulling around the corner. I had to calm the young girl down before coming over to greet Klassic. “Daddy Daddy look there is a horse in our yard” she exclaimed. The father came hurriedly out of the garage and I immediately stated “I am sorry to trespass into your trees, but there is a huge truck dumping an equally loud dumpster, I do not want my Arabian to spook and take flight.”

“Daddy Daddy come meet the horse, (her eyes sparkling with a huge smile as she ran towards us), stating in awe as she looked up “he is so big!” The father was very pleasant getting into the car as the young ten year old came closer. I asked her to put down her oversize white purse bag and walk slowly up to my Arabian with her palm up extending her arm for him to smell who the approaching small person might be. She listened to my words, neither the large truck behind us nor the young girl startled my steed.

Then I said if he bows his head that means he wishes to get to know you better, so with a slight breath blow carefully into his nostrils. She did and became evermore excited, her father patiently now waiting in the car facing us.

As they passed, I waved and thank them for allowing us on their property, then turning with the slightest touch of inner calf and heel, my Klassic facing the road where the potentially menacing large blue truck mechanically lifted a dumpster loudly. A few moments passed as the truck noisily set the dumpster down on the dirt, inching it over to the fence grinding the iron over rock and gravel. With loud beeping while backing up to turn on the road – the men drove off never knowing there was an Arabian quietly waiting for them to tarry on down the road.

I was so proud of my Arabian, he did not flinch, not one muscle tightened due the truck and extraneous noise, nor did the running young girl startle him; he was calm as I relaxed in saddle. Thinking these fifteen years together have been one of the greatest relationships of my life.

front seat When driving to any destination with Sadë on the front seat of our car, she continually dons a wondrous smile on her sweet face. She knows we are going somewhere special, it does not matter where, everywhere is special for Sadë; she exudes excitement while tempting all passer-byers a desire in meeting her. Sadë sits looking at all the sites calmly with an infectious smile, gazing into the passing cars –children wave at Sadë and she glances at me; I wish I knew what she is thinking – I do know she is happy.

There are many goals and wishes as I come home to Colorado, one being editing and finishing two books this winter and spring 2015: both nonfiction, one being a children’s book “Sammie Kewl Kat” and the other more humorously licentious, “Brilliance Disrupted.” And publishing weekly, Inspirational Life stories.

Also having more social time in making new friends, for all the friends I once knew have dispersed to other states or died. Growing my career as an animated presenter and educational advisor; networking while studying more to catch up with new treatment venues. We all have fascinating and insightful stories to tell of our lives.

We have the challenges, life’s detours, the careers we wish to forge, the relationships we desire so intimately, the house we long to live in in certain towns and cities, to bare necessities of having a roof over our heads and food to eat. The travels to different countries, learning a new language, a child we wish to have or lost. Sometimes we must acquiesce to the long term “hard” (as Seth Godin states clearly in “The easy ride) “What are you willing to push through the dip for?”

As I look back over these last several weeks in my confirmed desire to write in inspirational theme, I was missing the obvious. I talked to people, quizzed people, and went to meetings. What I forgot was to live simply, watch the everyday occurrences around me. Being with Sadë in a park, reading and writing, riding my Arabian; inspiration was in front of my eyes – all around me every second of the day. Sometimes we look so hard and by pass the blatant signs.

We look for the grandiose meaning in life, for satisfaction and inspiration, we forget the simplicity of life’s moments. Beth signs

I have a few friends who are always asking “where is the sign, I need a sign; so I sent them an email with this sign. Once as I was gazing up at the sky, I saw a beautiful hawk in flight and stated how wonderful and elegant the hawk was in the sky. My friend asked, “what do you think that flying hawk overhead meant?”

I look down at the ground and raised my head towards the sky, stating – “the hawk is looking for food?” and giggle.flying hawk 1

The beauty in this world shows in the simplest of a “forget-me-not flower. In the flight of birds. In the eyes of children and elderly people.

Inspiration maybe a dream you have dreamt the night before, or a person passing in a car with a wonderful smile, thumping their hands to some music.

Watching people dance, hearing laughter, hearing a person cry, simply walking in a park with thunder clouds overhead. Touching a person’s shoulder for whatever reason. Quietly reading a book. Listening to brilliant ideas being shared. Seeing a piece of art and inventing your own story.



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  1. Sharonna Jan Bailey says:

    Thanks for sharing ! Good Luck in the future ! Thank God for you being an inspiration to people ! Your horses are beautiful & Sade is very smart & lucky to have you in her life! Take care & Best of luck always in the future!


    1. MicheleElys says:

      Sharonna, You are very welcome and I am delighted you found some comfort in my words. As to my Arabs and Sade, I am the lucky one to have found them adding to my life. Please keep reading and sharing with others Cheers MicheleElys


  2. philechols1 says:

    It’s so true that, “we must make the best of what we have”. You’re right that too many choices leave us paralyzed. The simpler, the better. Thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. MicheleElys says:

      Thank you for reading and sharing while finding some commonality


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