Living From Your Heart

“You must live what is in your heart” said a young hitchhiker several weeks ago. This simple statement has not left my mind, instead filled me with wonderment.

When we are born, we are filled with innocence, trust, strength in vulnerability as a newborn. At times, perchance,we have the ability to regain this fortitude with tenacious will to live through our actions each day. I have known a few people who have had this skill, two of which come to mind, Annie and Frankie. They do not live in the same states, however I have had the fortunate experience to have had them in my life, for a time, thankfully Frankie has been decades.

My father was also one of these incredible people, unfortunately, he was gone most of the fourteens I spent with my parents. Nonetheless the imprint was indubitable and left its stamp to seek out others who contained such qualities.

Again, perchance (synchronized serendipity) a hitch-hiker reminded me, as I forge a new life coming home to Colorado. A new expanded career with all that I have learned, studied listening to others in new (provider) networks. I listen to their knowledge and experiences, gaining more ground and new friends. What we have in common ~ is, we share what is in our hearts to assist others in their recovery process.

My heart demands to be kind and gentle, to see the glimmer of light and hope; glowing faces beaming with life.

As a friend stated in her Book titled, “I Want My Own Eggshells ~ I’m tired of stepping on everyone else’s” (By Lorin Marie). She write a beautiful thought: “Even though my footprint was washed out to sea, there were tiny granules of me still there”.

She writes from her full heart, she lives these words with an offering from her heart; what courage this takes and yet we all thrive deep inside to be loved and to be treated in kind.

I could attribute my feelings to Spring time, akin to the recollection of new born kittens and puppy breath. For now, turn off the TV, go outside, speak to the stranger walking their dogs down a new path, see all the new blooms, life springing up, not from death – rather a deep regeneration of life. Is this change or life bringing new perspectives to our senses?

Thank you hitch~hiker, thank you Lori Marie, thank you Annie and Frankie – all of you remind me to live from the Heart and Touch others with more than a shimmer of hope.

Enjoy this Spring Time


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About the Author: MicheleElys is a Neurobehaviorist ~ Writer ~ Educator ~ Keynote Speaker.

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  1. Lorin Marie says:

    You honor me with your kind words my dear friend


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