The Decision – Breathing with My Horse [day 8]

It’s Saturday, I slept in till 11AM! Finally – rest; given I went to bed at 1AM! The wondrous part in giving myself rest was, my day was extremely productive without exhaustion; more in a Rhythm.

Morning routine: coffee, turn on the computer and research! Write (this is enjoyable work)!  Two things on my mind, Keep the day simple and visit my Arabian horse, (this is a working-out time. Try mucking up after 3 horses and not breaking a sweat!)

I love being with my KlassicAmir, my Arabian horse of 19+ years. Brushing him, bathing him, feeding him, walking, riding out in sandy arroyos or in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.

KlassicAmir is my Joy.

Feeling his beautiful head over my shoulder, holding him, lightly stroking his head and muzzle as we breathe together! I feel his heart beat with my body.


I experienced monolithic anguish recovering from all the TBIs and surgeries; KlassicAmir and Sädé were with me the entire journey.

One of the difficult parts of recovery, was re-discovering the life I lost, who I am now, and a “new, constantly evolving routine

Things to note when returning to life:

  1. what are your skills and are they doable or require updating
  2. how do you handle groups of people and noise –Boundaries have changed!
  3. what is your energy level and lasting capacity
  4. how engaging are you – or do you need more alone time
  5. re-enter with awareness – life has changed
  6. set routines – find a rhythm that can expand and contract
  7. set goals – setup Happiness times
  8. Remember – you are re-learning who you are and how you have changed!
  9. Humor goes a long ways in life!

I was an introvert, yet being a military child meeting people was an easy road! While recovering, I became more of an introvert, home was safe! Setting up new routines, meeting people has been a huge push to get out, I force myself out of my safe place, my HOME! Once out, the easy road resumes.

Finding these boundaries by (quietly) listening and knowing your comfort zone!

The Joy of life is very important! Remember, Happiness