The Decision – Stretching MySelf Too Much [day 6]

Learning to be tender with ourselves often seems forgotten! We have goals and dreams, we must remember life does not happen in one week, one year or one decade. Stopping and appreciating the flowers, allowing the brain to rest, is equally as important as All Life’s accomplishments.

Often times, when I know I have fully recovered, I overdue a day or several days! This is a danger when dealing with any injury, or long term recovery and (critical to) TBIs!!

Yes, Thursday was over the top. It is my Science day and I must drive a long distance. Talk with people about cerebral stuff! Of course these discussions are educating, the big BUT!!! is……… My brain may have recovered, nonetheless, my brain is still “Tender, Delicate, subject to Fatigue.”

When Fatigue begins to set it, this is my warning sign. My brain needs to rest (!!) from activity and infusion of more information.

Oh, I had to continued and accomplish my goals and agenda (all of it)!!

Driving back towards Denver, it is time to go to my Arabian, clean him up, muck up three other stalls, check those horses, check the pastures, feed my boy, spend a few quality moments checking his entire body (brushing him), and his “Delicate eye” that must continue to heal. Does it require a few medication drops?

Wash Sädé while at the barn, sweep the stall mats from dust and sand, fill his grain buckets for the following 3 days, and don’t forget to cut the apples. Finally, text my friends where KlassicAmir is boarded, turn odd the lights in the barn.

Drive more! Driving has it’s affects on the brain, demanding visual, decisions, foresight, faster responses and more.

On the way home, grocery shop, drops offs at the library, gas the car…. did I forget anything? Geezzz I did, another store – 1 item.

Get home, finish the laundry after my guest left and computer afternoon/evening time – email, posts, schedule next day for maintenance men………Oh yes [!!} eat something! Now read or study!

I was reminded this morning while finishing up Sädé’s morning constitution, Slow Down! Enjoy Life!

My lovely newly wedded neighbors where joyfully off to Breckenridge Co., for the weekend. They are cheery wonderful neighbors, filled with life and not always Serious, as I tend to be.

Where did Mr. Happiness go?? Beginnings of Brain Fatigue ! A huge Warning sign.

TBI Recovery takes many steps! Learning the delicate signals, screaming from our brain is essential. Today, Friday I had to listen!

Be good to yourself when Over-Achieving! Happiness and relaxation are extremely important in life, it adds JOY!


MicheleElys is a Neuro-Behaviorist working to aid people globally, in discovering Behavioral Solutions and TBI/Trauma Recovery

Educator – Author – Speaker – Reluctant French Chef – Equine Devotee

© MicheleElys: All Rights Reserved 

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