The Decision – Rhythm or Fatigued A Choice [day 7]

My brain was Fatigued! The morning of day 7, although my schedule was simple, the day began disjointed. My impatience piqued, moody entered the door. These are warning signs!

Find my Rhythm! a whisper came from deep inside.

Ignoring all the warning signs, I traveled to the Horse feed store, returning home, then out to get one bag of dog food. There was no Rhythm to my method. Before I walked into Pets Mart, I had to rewire my mood. Smile!

Walking in I began to speak to an employee while she was focused on her work. She jumped (out of slight shock) when I said hello. Humor time! “I do that!” And we both giggled. At the register the price lowered on the dog food. Someone incorrectly priced the shelves, this meant more work for the employee who was helping me (rolling her eyes). She insisted on carrying the bag to my car, as we chatted and giggled more.

Driving out of the parking lot, there was a man partially sitting out of his van, taking a Smart Break, eating some watermelon. YUM!

These are Little Brain Reminders!

Ya think I could take the hint from my brain’s messages? NOPE! Idiot Achiever is still running the show!

Damn, I could not stop myself! The fresh basil was going bad, had to make the fresh Pesto. And there was laundry to finish. My brain hit the floor like a solid cinder block!

Here are some “Fatigue symptoms”

  1. Brain feels heavy (cinder block or very dull). Headache or Brain Pain ensues
  2. Disjointed thinking, and short term memory forgetfulness
  3. Impatience – becoming more moody, easy to anger
  4. Feeling Tired!
  5. Increased intolerance
  6. Increased tinnitus volume, wavering balance problems or the “dropsy”
  7. Creative energy took a hike!
  8. World Let me off, I’m done living in my own skin feelings!

Back into a Healthy Rhythm!

My dog Sädé had to remind how to Relax!

Our Brain has a natural Course of Life – it’s called a Rhythm!

Once recovered, there is a degree of maintenance! Sticking with a Rhythm is necessary as we return to full steam in life. I hear from many who live in agony for they are not educated in how to return to their lives. It is a balancing act. We must maintain an awareness of our selves for complete recovery and re-entering a full life.


MicheleElys is a Neuro-Behaviorist working to aid people globally, in discovering Behavioral Solutions and TBI/Trauma Recovery

Educator – Author – Speaker – Reluctant French Chef – Equine Devotee

© MicheleElys: All Rights Reserved 


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