The Decision – Mourning Loss [day 5]

Taking delicate memories, cupped in my hands as if holding a beautiful Humming Bird, kissed it’s memory and let it fly from my heart. Goodbye and Thank you for gracing my life for a short time. Leaving loving memories. I will always remember your beauty.

Loss is a fickle emotional experience, it comes and goes pending what we face in the moments of a day. Yesterday, after working from 4AM to early afternoon, it was time to face yet another loss.


As I approached the old brick building in Denver, memories flood with emotional loss. Coming face to face with the building where my friends use to dance, give lesson, choreograph Verdi’s Requiem and many other exquisite performances throughout the world; my dance friends found early deaths.

Loss is a part of life. A life we will never experience again, except in our hearts, a memory of love.

It is a time to let go; grief! All my friends, whether it be through their deaths or due to my injury; this part of my life must come to rest in order I may move forward.

Having TBIs will deliver a great deal of loss. TBI loss does not state – death! It is not final!

In honour of my departed beautiful friends and their memories that live on with Cleo Parker Robinson dance ensemble, who still perform, still teaching, forever remaining a monolithic part of Denver’s history. Thank you!

Kissing pieces of life Goodbye. My SriZhada.

MicheleElys is a Neuro-Behaviorist working to aid people globally, in discovering Behavioral Solutions and TBI/Trauma Recovery

Educator – Author – Speaker – Reluctant French Chef – Equine Devotee

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