The Decision – Less is More! [day 4]

Hehehehe, I had a huge day planned the for day 3!! Lots of goals for long term range, enough for a month. Less is More!

Woke up at 4AM, that is simply too early, the need for REM sleep is much more important. Arose at 9:12AM

Accomplished the most important factors, Connecting with people!! And being with my horse and mucking (exercise!)

TBIs are notorious for eliminating people in one’s life!! The need to plan is essential.

Sidebar: I was a military child, that means, we are great (as a survival skill at a young age, knowing almost everyone in a new school within a week!) Meeting strangers is easy; it’s the long term relationships I SUCK at. Except my horse, dog and cat.

This takes some planning which is today’s (day 5) work, among other important work stuff. Listing places “where to meet the people who might suit my life, allowing for growth and change.” That could be globally online; nonetheless face to face is called for.

Happiness! Colorado is loaded with a myriad of selections.

For TBI injured people, rebuilding a life, going back to work and meeting people is a huge adjustment. This also is a critical stage of life, and can or will be exhausting! The fatigue, which can easily exacerbate into exhaustion causing brain dysfunctions must be averted.

Remember REM sleep must continue each night. Resting each day for 10 to 20 minutes, either meditation, somewhere quiet closing the eyes. Walk in a park off to a quiet side, or a beach or easily navigated foothills; anything to keep the mindset off the past and difficult times.

Take care of yourself as you regain your life!

Stay away from processed foods!!! Get plenty of fresh air!! Keep noise levels at a minimal! Exercise according to your abilities and rebuilding! Seek new parts of life and make sure all the above and more brings you Happiness. Remember, you need Dopamine surging through your brain. The brain is it’s natural Pharmaceutical.

MicheleElys is a Neuro-Behaviorist working to aid people globally, in discovering Behavioral Solutions and TBI/Trauma Recovery

Educator – Author – Speaker -Reluctant French Chef – Equine Devotee

© MicheleElys: All Rights Reserved 

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  1. Lee Hagerty says:

    Yes i use my mare for therapy i was a very abused broken person from childhood on. I found solitude in horses mucking stalls, grooming them , riding of course but even the smell yes the smell is so theraputic to me. I have run to horses all my life they have listened without blame. I thought friends {people} would blame me for the abuse i recieved i was told this along with the part that my father threw me away cause i wasnt worth love i was a stupid fat ugly dummy over and over
    !!! I began to see fat and uglyness i still see it i get with my mare she loves me in my pjs with no make up and my hair in a bun i love her. She has needed so much as she came to me broken i built her up slow but forever talking touching breaking her she hasnt hurt me she still has been easier then any other horse i have broken i have so much more to do with her im hoping to move soon very soon so i can have a land to put miles on her and teach her all types of stuff!!!!


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