The Decision – Enjoy Colorado & Relax [Day 9]

Sunday, we needed a break from the computer – work and enjoy life. Sädé knows exactly how to have a fun time at the park.

As I thought about how to write a daily summary in TBI maintenance, join a professional group in program training, obvious my brain was still in work mode – simply could not stop.

My Sädé helped me rewire my brain, change the work mode to Happiness. Creativeness followed! Animals are essential in healing from injuries! Hippo therapy is highly recommended in TBI therapy, also having a service or therapeutic dog. Walking in the park, lead to this! Happiness

How does one top this?

We stayed for a while watch Geese in the lake with the Rocky Mountains as a backdrop.

Giving this my best shot in learning how to upload! Enjoy Colorado.

I am skipping the writing part and allowing you to enjoy my Sädé and beautiful Colorado where we live!

Cheers MicheleElys