The Decision Day 2

This was an awesome day!!! A short day in rest, and renewing healthy body stuff!



First item, take my dog Sädé out twice in the early AM. And then, a new part of my life, back to working out! A vigorous short walk without Sädé She has become too old, one eye is going blind (see the lack of focus in her left eye). And, some arthritic development in one shoulder. The Vigorous walk is for me, Sädé gets to sleep! After 11 years of being a Service dog, it’s her time to rest!


A Labour of Love!!! We get to work with my Arabian horse!!

I SWEAT !! mucking up after 3 horses!! Often times, I muck the pastures, not today. Giving KlassicAmir a bath, I Sweat more! It’s great for balance problems and wonderful relationship time.

KlassicAmir got a bath, the therapy in being with KlassicAmir is for me. We have been together 19+ years. Being around him, there are no pretenses. If I trip and fall, he does not laugh at my clumsiness, instead, he lowers his head to watch me. There have been times in the past, I had to hold onto his neck to help myself up. Now I hold on to him to gain my balance as he stands perfectly still knowing my needs, after being dizzy for a moment.

This is one of many reasons why Hippo therapy is recommended. Horses are stabilizing and more.

This is how the brain recovers, the body heals as well.

Baby Steps in the Beginning

One step at a time

If you want to teach, to change minds or to cause action, a consistent curriculum is always better than a single event.

Drip by drip, with enrollment. Seth Godin

For people who are new to TBIs or in the first several years, get around animals! They accept you no matter were you do in your injury process! They do not care if you have balance problems, or your speech is not fluid, and they decrease the Panic attacks! and, headaches or Brain pain.  (link to It’s Brain Pain! Not a Headache)   

Nighttime: Now it’s rest time! For me that means some reading or studying or a DVD. It means, turn off the brain, eat some Healthy Food and Rest! And waiting for late guest to arrive.

Previous Day 1 September 1st, The Decision! can be found at As I change this site back to a Web site, these pages will be easier to find in sequence, I am teaching myself how to do this. Again, creating and rebuilding new skills ameliorates damaged brains. Also, on Day 3 I will be talking about the number one goal, “Making Life Happy Again” and why this is very important, different ideas for different people and their course of life. Stay tuned.

MicheleElys is a Neuro-Behaviorist working to aid people globally, in discovering Behavioral Solutions and TBI/Trauma Recovery

  • Daily Testimonial: Healing a Damage Brain (a daily progression in rebuilding)

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