Experiencing Emotions!

I petition nature and ask for Freedom

The human, while experiencing their perception in their own emotional confabulation, is the salt that stings wounds, or flavors the food of knowledge!

As it is with our emotions, seldom are we taught to understand the energy which either flows or volcanically irrupts – we do not accept our selves and often make the firm mistake in listening to others with their shoulds and hows of how we ought to experience our very nature of life.

The Human species, is the only living creature, that must be taught what it is to be human! 

Emotions are internal energies exhibiting to us how we are alive. And, uniquely participate in our internal emotional state, which is our own mirrored reflection.

Each of us have the choice to direct our emotional energy. Choose wisely or foolishly, who is judging? These are your emotions, learn to direct your own energy for your life, not others. Few of us have the long term sight, which direction might bolster our horizons. 

If only we could silence the verdict, of what we personally view as positive or negative through listening to individual’s experiences, examine to understand for a moment in time; these particular projections are limitation in sight.

Be respectfully quiet.


I am a vegetarian, was born with this physical disposition. My body will not digest meat. Is this positive or negative? 
Ying Yang symbol is both black and white. Is this positive or negative? 

The depths we travel inward to pull outward into our lives through experiences brings us Knowledge of self and a glimpse into others’ lives.



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  1. shoshobaer says:

    I will be


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