Finding Happiness Finding Keller!!

Rejoice with me, I finally found my Rottweiler! Happiness abounds

Keller! His name is perfect! Just in case you did not read the title.

A search which took many months. The right Rottweiler, age, size and appearances which amplifies the Rottweiler breed. Many came close, they simply were not Keller!

Oh, so many choices, so close several times; life kept getting in the way.

Keller is a very special Rottie in many ways, bringing new life into SimSai’s and my life. Keller is fostered by a loving lady named Teresa. And I can say both of us are delightfully excited! Although it will be a couple of weeks or so before we are together, I had to share our adoption agreement of this afternoon, March 27th 2020, via phone.

Anticipation has me exuberantly giddy, what a adorable face! I can see lots of Kissy faces!!

As I spoke of my plans for the near future, traveling with Keller, dear Teresa thought I was giving up on the idea in adopting Keller! When in fact, my heart was racing and jumping for joy with a profusion of glee!

Recently, my writings have been few and far between; I was consumed in finding my Rottweiler.

Inspiration is welling up inside as my dreamt future becomes my present with dreams in the mist of more future to come.  There is much to write about, both joy and sorrow, more adventures and letting go of old ways. Some moments filled with tears and heart breaking decisions. Life’s questionable, “how will this work” will always weave its threads through junctures, keeping our hearts pumping, until we reach our own final destination. SimSai and I have a new partner to travel with in life.

There are many roads in life. Some take a straight road, some are on a curve road, when I wrote “The Final Road” two years ago, truly I did not see what was to come, and yet, the entire metamorphosis still is to unfold.

My earnest wish is to share my Joy with you in this moment. And with fervent wishes, others are finding their wonderment of Happiness, whatever shape and size it might be.

My Happiness is a 100 pound rottweiler named Keller!



About the Author: MicheleElys is a NeuroBehaviorist ~ Author ~ Educator. Offering educational programs regarding the benefits of Animal Wisdom, how domesticated and wild animals augment human lives.

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