Book Release TBI Understanding- Recovery

Finally, a long awaited book release : TBI & Concussion Improvement & Understanding A Person Recovery Story with Suggested Actions to Follow

And the full story, in kindle and book format to follow  very early 2021

Now available on Amazon Kindle

What started out as a 10 page eBook, became a 100+ page book I had to share – The Hope, to so many people who suffer from Traumatic Brain Injuries, PTSD and Transient Amnesia, there is recovery for most everyone!

I am passing along a good portion of my recovery knowledge, ameliorating the anguish from critical concussive syndromes to the world, in hopes others may find relief, recovery and live their lives in fullness and joy.

The recovery process took, being my own lab rat recovering from 20 TBIs through Transient Amnesia episodes. Sounds impossible? It was.

Yet a millisecond of an injury stole 16 years of my life. During these years, I was not going to allow a broken body, idiosyncrasies of my injured brain, devour me and eliminate a once wonderful life.

TBIs held my brain a prisoner, many crippling joint surgeries captured my body in tremendous pain. Grief rented my heart, yet I would not capitulate to ignorant doctors and therapists who labeled me, offering no hope.

Finding what I needed was consuming; taking the beast into my own hands and throttling its neck so I could live, was my sole ambition. 

Together with my past studies, paramount instincts, I fully recovered. There is a lingering grief from a 16 year insufferable loss of life, it is Human to have emotions. Allowing the grief of the past, to alter in its own time with memories filling other parts of my heart through change.

My Arabian horses, my service dogs and my cats saw me through every moment of this ordeal. Many of my animals have died, after a loving long life. They are missed and my grief moves forward, as life changes.

In the wake of loss: My Beloved SriZhada, who traveled with me for 16 years from a baby.

He loved to run and jump over fencing 5 feet and higher. Offering continual kisses and head hugs.


Never did they label me, never did they dismiss my knowledge, instead, they accepted me and we shared a lifetime of love.

My service dogs Sädé, will forever be part of my dreams and fill my heart with cherished admiration and love.


Writing this book completes my career in Trauma Recovery to a more joyous life, combining behavioral and all learned sciences, I move to the true love of my life…. Writing and educating the benefits of all animal life…

all about dogs and more

Thank you for leaving a comment on Amazon and social media, and sharing this book of first hand knowledge to those who suffer.

there is more than hope, there is recovery!



About the Author: MicheleElys is a Behaviorist ~ Author ~ Educator.

Educational programs Animals I have known, their Lives and what I learned. 

Connect with MicheleElys email LinkedIn, 

MicheleElys All Rights Reserved©

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