A Dog’s Love

A Dog’s’ Love In Passing! This is a Quiet Sunday! One of Love and somolness.

Love requires letting go at any time necessary
Sometimes love requires we let go when we love with our entire heart

A dear friend and her husband are euthanizing  their 9 year old Mastiff to the Rainbow of dogs. There truly never is such love as one receives – as from a dog!! And another friend Simone, who recently gave her loving dog a quiet passing.

While I have never met or put my arms around Ally, a 160 lb Mastiff. I know the love of great massive dogs and their pure dedication.


We all do know the heartbreak and the grief that encompasses us for a time; the time we never measure, except one day, we breathe without the tears, or lump in our throat the heart begins to mend the ripping from loss of our beloved precious Dog.

There are no true words to express the loss of any beloved dog, possibly some photos might express more genuinely!

Dog de Bordeaux a great film with Tom Hanks, it was Hooch.

The torn interior of a car and Drool is Cool” attitude.

How can one resist such a face?


Did you know the wonderful huge lap dog, The Rottweiler was bred from the great Mastiffs? They were bred by the Romans.

During wartime, the Rottweilers were the cattle herders, which fed the gladiators. And beyond driving cattle.

Rottweilers loyalty reigned as a sentry, comforting friend as they sat by their owner’s side.


The Rottweiler slept with their handlers, and guarded the “Legions of Gladiator” potentially a reason why Rottweiler are loyal to their death. I am still searching for my next male Rottie!

To all Dogs and our cherished memories of faithful love. To the moments our hearts can never forget. The cuddling in bed, wagging tail wagging their butts, the over joyness we see when tossing a ball and being retrieved, yet for a moment wishing to play a bit of tag; do humans let go and enjoy these cherished moments? We are learning through our dogs.

To all the Service and Therapeutic dogs. We wish you more than the love you continually gave us.

We can never repay you!




About the Author: MicheleElys is a Neuro behaviorist ~ Writer ~ Keynote Speaker ~ Educator.  Educating Innovative Solutions for Human & Animal wellness. Founder of NBR [neural behavior recognition]. A recovery model for Trauma/TBI Improvement, Recovery to maintenance, PTSD and Transient Amnesia. You make it work your way without shame!

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