Final Road Ahead

Recently I took off from writing and (the better peace of mind) left social media. WOW!! What a relief!!

Instinctively there was a deep stirring of a new road ahead calling my life. When seeing this road on my internal canvas, it is simply a road, with two blank sides, upwards shows a crystal blue sky of Colorado, below touching the road is grey.

Most might consider that to be a storm, for we look at grey and black as ominous; I don’t. I see these spaces to be filled.

A canvas, where to pick up my paint brush and begin an adventure.

That adventure started with regaining a loss life due to a devastating injury, and wouldn’t you know, I fell backwards “kerplunk” in my horse’s stall on this past Friday, hitting the back of my head on the hard rubber mats. It was a Brilliant wake up call, “Stop All Therapy and Instinctively Move Forward” and I have done so immediately. What freedom to trust one’s self!

During this time I have looked outwardly, studied, delved deeply inwardly to all crevices. Met an entire new host of people and still meeting more each day; face to face in deep conversation. Ahhhh a breath of Life!!

Honestly I had plenty to write about and subjects to speak on, but it was time for Drastic new Beginnings, A New Road for life. 

Spent time with my Arabian telling him of my promises. Spent time with my very aging service dog Sade promising more. And of course my care free cat SimSai, put my head to his tummy and listened with delight to his purring.

Renewal: Last night after almost eight months I spoke with my dearest friend from Africa for almost two hours. He has taken up residence in Singapore purchasing a condo from a retiring friend, married his long time friend and love of his life, over the last 3.5 months; it is the time of life when new roads are born.


Looking to the current horizons, how we all conduct life. Our obsessions with the digital world, the psychological affects of not having real human contact. The calamities of Earth’s Oceans and Land. Viciously stealing land away from our Mustangs and abiding earthly creatures. Coming to grips with the ruins left behind for millenniums as humans over populate the Earth.

Our growing Homeless crisis, the horror in how we treat those who live the life we fear. 

The need for better medical treatment and education at reasonable cost that does not lead to financial ruin.

Our human worldly failures, there are many calamities our human hands must mitigate.

Tis the season for renewal. Tis life calling out – there is much to live and greet before we die – Take hold, life is reborn, the grief has died and is buried – Look to a future we build from Top to Bottom with learned wisdom while living new opportunities – Take a deep breath, the back drop was a hard journey. Now Choose with internal Fortitude and Prudence. This is My Final Road!




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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Justin Higgins says:

    “WE MUST CHANGE AND SEEK THE BETTER ROADS FOR ALL MANKIND.” MicheleElys this is absolutely beautiful. Thank you for your dedication to us all equally. You are a true inspiration.


    1. MicheleElys says:

      Thank you Justin, it is a true honor in knowing you and have you as a GGA comrade!! When I read the quote, I thought what a wonderful quote you were writing to me, and then reading further, it appears I wrote that. ;D Thank you!!!!


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