September 1st, The Decision!

Thirteen and half years! That is how long it took to recover from a fall on black ice and asphalt in 2004. The painful surgeries, were easy; it was the Traumatic Head Injuries, annihilated my life!

I made the decision today to tell this story. The Recovery. The Shame. The loss. The Rebuilding. The Learning and The Process.

In attempts to tell the “Rebuilding” story day to day, along with the past recovery processes, and my studies in how my brain adapted and recovered fully. In some ways I am a new person, in other ways, I am the person I was born to be.

Recovering from eleven TBI’s is daunting, physically painful, filled with anxiety, shame, suicidal intention, imbued with so many disorders that it confounds neuroscientists. Thereby, I had to become one!

This healing took incredible determination and GRIT! Defying over three dozen doctors and therapist; I use to be a trauma recovery therapist, thereby my knowledge base was trapped inside, like the rest of me.

I searched through, more, muddled through a myriad of psychotherapists, finding a technique called Brainspotting devised by Dr. David Grand (NYC).

Never thought my hyper-vigilance, which many consider to be a disability, would be honed into a skillful art for recovery.

The hidden Pearls we find in our differences are to be uncovered – these will be the fuel, aiding the spirit to soar, reversing a damaged brain.

Why am I doing this, telling every bit of this horrible story, oftentimes reliving the hideous nightmares? Because there are millions who need to have Tangible Hope.

Once a person has had more than two TBIs, the categories of mild to severe no longer apply. What matters is Hope and those of us who have recovered, must prove to the world, Our Brains have no Limitations!

To follow and continue reading daily or weekly this story of recovery and rebuilding, please click on The Decision page. Thank you


Today is day 1, “The Decision” to be absolutely transparent and vulnerable. I have nothing to lose, I loss it all and then rebuilt, and that rebuilding is part of this story.

Welcome to my life.

I recovered, so can you!



MicheleElys is a Neuro-Behaviorist working to aid people globally, in discovering Behavioral Solutions and TBI/Trauma Recovery

Educator – Author – Speaker – Reluctant French Chef – Equine Devotee


  • Testimonial: Healing a Damage Brain (daily progression in rebuilding)
  • bi-weekly Articles on Human Behavioral Solutions and TBI recovery.

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