I Think Of You Fondly

Words might evoke an array of emotions.

Pictures reveal more than 1,000 words.

1st kiss

I think of you Fondly clik here to listen while you read Rachmaninoff

They tell of many memories:

Memories of a first Kiss. The perfume of horses filled the Venezuelan stables. I was three years of age – my first love.


curious through fence

Children are naturally curious, peering through innocent eyes they view the world. Allowed to freely touch, watch, taste. Listening to innate instincts develops the experience of joy and confidence.

Later, these will be our prowess and artistry.

Children explore without fear: 

fox & girl


I sat with all kinds of animals.



dog & redhead


Played in many fields

child running


Children love to wander; exploring new worlds in wonderment.


Live in wonderment for a lifetime. child and cat

Through amazement we learn to appreciate. Enchantment becomes the allure of life.[Tweet]



fence walking


As a toddler no gate held me in.

I walked on fences; later as a young teenage, I won a gold medal in gymnastics in Portugal.


                 And I Rode Horses All My Life

mane in wind riding

The sense of freedom and a profound relationship. Strength, gentleness, power, respect. A fond love, teaching me what no human was able – unfathomable appreciation and pain!


The heart opened to life.

beach love

Young Love finds us “Somewhere in Time” countries, cities alive in dance – art, a moment in time, we wish could last forever.

We share all of ourselves. couple sharing


Time passes:

the moon shines

What dreams many not come.

Life continues a cycle that is not foretold. We breathe a long sigh, and continue the dance to the music of life’s journey.

ghost horse

The ghosts of life enters, our hearts break. [Tweet]



the bench

The Fall of our lives bring new colors.


central par trumpet


The winds of change have swept us up into nature’s arms.



winter pastoral

The Winter of our life has come.

Where the stream wanders is no longer our choice.

Where life takes us, none of us have known for sure.

New life begins it’s cycle of birth beneath the surface – not for our eyes. It is ours to walk on…… to destinies unknown.

lone deer walk


For we have lived, loved, viewed life and humanity in it’s horror, our eyes have wept as our hands grew old. Look back once and remember:

I Think Of You Fondly[Tweet]




hold love lightly

MicheleElys is a Writer – Speaker- Reluctant French Chef – Equine Devotee

Dedicated to Behavioral Solutions for the betterment of life.

© MicheleElys: All Rights Reserved 

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  1. Stan says:

    I like the valuable information you provide in your articles.


    1. MicheleElys says:

      Thank you, am delighted to provide the “likeness of being”


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