God Confided In Me He Was Atheist

Yes, God Confided In Me He Was Atheist!

Now this statement will get a lot of attention! I see multiple conversations immediately and mostly of the argument slant.

Precisely why I chose this little phrase that I over heard. Certainly, not for the lack of topics to write upon, I have several in the works with three books on the horizon and all too many stories buzzing in my body and head, saying “let me out, let those Samaria fingers hit the keyboard and write!”

Let’s back up just a little ~ readily I have admitted I am an Atheist and could easier believe, any god (as in all genders), be atheist as well! With my background, well that is a long story ~ over 50 years worth, this is a huge can of worms that continues to proliferate itself, and similar to an active volcano that never quiets its rumble.

Let’s catch up to the future with a little history. First, why was god, always depicted as “male gender? Was our only vision via Leonardo from da-vinci-himselfDA Vinci great pain staking years of painting the Sistine Chapel the only rendering of what a god might appear to be? Impressionism is a form of art.

Remember, the man was a Flamboyant gay artist!! Brilliant, talent beyond his centuries; conceiving of such ideas of airplanes and the configuration of the human body; purchasing corpses for dissection, when this was a criminal offense, was in fact punishable only by death! (You do understand that Da Vinci was not his last name?)

We can simply say, it was the authoritarian figures that started; when? If anyone were to read Karen Armstrong’s *A Battle for God* (excellent reading, she was also a nun, Oh that part about me you don’t know yet; more history to come). In this wondrous research and factual findings, Ms. Armstrong weaves history into stories of how and when all religions came into being. What centuries, and by way of what mass beliefs. Patience!

Ahhhh Belief, yes a Belief! In the end, it is all one of the same god by way of different nomenclature and venues of stories. Is it not? And yet we have wars and killings over a belief? Sigh!! Can you kill another man for the sake of a belief and would god be or become an atheist due to such ignorance? This incites that god could be mere mortal in some fashion. Oh heretical proselytizing. This is a moment in time of thinking about god and god’s beliefs.

This is what we humans do, we are the only creatures upon this earth that institutionalize beliefs systems, erecting great monolithic buildings in order to augment such beliefs, kill in the name sake of such beliefs, brawl and feud over such beliefs, and worse choose friends and mates over such beliefs.

I am French; I like sex, it may be more a deciding factor than a religious belief system or will it? Yet we humans insist every individual story about god (??) be most revered, guileless, righteous and scrupulous tale of all beliefs systems and we should believe them! What do we choose and why?

We are to honor them and live by their words, shouting from the hill tops of such beliefs.  Ohhh that was Moses and his burning bush, I would shout from the hill tops if my bush were on fire!

Back step for a moment please, and if you be a lawyer ~ sidebar story:

A Man; in moments and books, paintings and scholarly tales written in scrolls hidden in sands of caves (then the our current church doctrines in shame, hides the scrolls for it does not agree with current fundamental dogma). Are one or so men the only representation of heroic acts, an avatar, truth seeker of intelligence from inner wisdom of self?

What happened to my mentor, Hypatia? Or other great ladies, some may state Goddesses? Isis, Diana, Aphrodite, Venus ~ Many women have reach this symbl-of-womanaltruistic prowess, and beyond. Being authentic in nature, as predisposition at birth, realization of likeness; having gained the ability to be authoritarian figure. And who gave birth to all these deities?  This is the Goddess that sets most straight men wheeling into a firm attention; it is called the Vagina or Venus! Truly I am one to be grateful!

All this mentioned would be a form chaos and wars. Oh – right,  we already have these calamities transpiring on our planet for thousands of year; wars and chaos! Worse, we are the only hubris life forms that pontificate “we are the most intelligent and superior” and yet we kill for belief systems. We mane, harm and cause destruction…

Destruction: graphic word, immediately conjures visions of blood thirsts and buildings in ruins. We humans (of great beliefs and doctrine) are the only living creatures upon this planet who contaminates our air we desperately need for survival, more  contagion and pollution of our water ~ we adulterate with pestilence our water systems, oceans, rivers, streams in violation of the EPA. OOpps does the EPA still exit? Due to our congressional (all knowing intellectual) LEADERS’ and governmental expenditures cuts? See, I told you this was going to be a volcanic can of worms.

Back to humans and we are the supposed creation of said god which started this dissertation in questions and no answers. The only creation that mutilates other animals for the sheer pleasure of killing mounts them upon walls of our homes and have the audacity to say “isn’t it beautiful?” Was the animals’ appearance disdainful when grazing upon grass or leaping in joy filled with life?

We are the only creatures who think our linguists are the only languages that have a common theme, communication. This is befuddling. Cats ~ meow; dolphins and whales have a language that is far superior to humans for the sonic sounds travels for miles, through deep waters without shouting or screaming!!

Dogs bark and they know every language upon this earth if they are around humans (think about it). Wolves and lions have a hierarchy based on the strongest and fittest and they do kill for this position and for food. If we humans had this allowance of killing, our population would be one half of it’s populous due to lack of intelligence and mental derangement instead of fitness or adroitness. Why do humans have laws and animals do not? Because, we are idiots and do not get along in social structures.

Admittedly, our planet would invigorate itself if there be a lesser human population with lower impact. Nonetheless, those who would be left from a catastrophic calamity would all be scurrying for the last psychotherapist with no insurance, claiming trauma and PTSD, grief from loss, a natural process of life that one should be able to process from childhood experiences and yet we remain doltish. Never taking a firm look at the (lower instincts of nature) such as primates; they grieve in their own time, alone. And if they are successful, lift and walk beyond the grief, moving forward in life; if not, they simply die. ~ Think about it.

Worse, we condemn others for not contemplating in accordance to one or two doctrines of our societies upon this planet. Rather limiting don’t you think? Or do you think? Have you ever thought about the tiny worlds we would live in?

If we did not have computers, phones, electricity, we may be still living in caves; well some people still do live in subterranean grottoes, and I don’t blame them for being antisocial. After all the useless wars and killing of other humans (this in no way reflects upon our soldiers and their service); have you ever thought of the other human life, as they breathe and search for their meaning of life on other continents ~ their lives are worthy of us knowing their names; they have children and families; loves and dislikes and a religion that was just as viable as the ones’ we are standing in judgement of. Even atheists and agnostics have their beliefs.

Some of us do not perceive a boxed in life, and yet no box is our box!

We are the only creatures upon this earth that demand another to believe the same way and live the same, in accordance to be accepted by the watering hole of masses.

Why? Because we have psychological dependencies and frail egos that must have others’ join our way of thinking to feel good about ourselves, thereby enhancing our fragile self esteems? OOPPSS did I just have a Red Headed moment blurting out? You bet I did! Should I send you back to the article “Brainwashed, I Say.

Why do I ask such questions about a male god and why was he given the title of God? And what chosen religion did he choose? Protestant (they do protest a great amount), Catholic, Judeo Christianity, Hindu, Muslim, Methodist Buddhism, and does Mormon come into play?

I think god, as intelligence as many creative books would lead us to believe, god chose NONE! If one reads one of many versions of the bible, (and how did King James get so popular, Jesus was not from the UK; United Kingdom, as in England, Ireland, Scotland for those who are geographically challenged, adjoining the English channel above France), why this version and not others, and those damned red lettered sentences!

Back to the original thought: if god confided in any of us (and some have claimed and written best sellers), god spoke to them in many a conversation, looked upon his creation and view from a distant universe, I believe god would be appalled! If my horses or dogs acted as we do on this planet, I think if I were a god, I would leave also or become an Atheist. Ops I Forgot, I am an Atheist!

In all candor; the 1980’s I study -read many venues of religious and spirituality. All verses and prose of wisdom and seeking of great minds, I wanted so to believe in something greater than I. I found one such creature, my Arabian horse.

The peaceful warriors resonate with my inner being,  I am a female! Yes, I am a female!  ~ Red head, French blooded ~ sensual and in accordance to my internal rebellious self, spiritual beliefs other places ~ my liveliness was not the most spiritual in many senses of the promulgated beliefs. I was an outcast once again. But I began to think.

Passionate: I run the gamut from sex to standing up and stating my mind. Oh dear, I am a female; I am expected to be soft and quiet and shy.  Snow balls chance in Hell! Never going to happen; I love taking on the institutions and misguided beliefs that are absolutely effluvium without thought or theory, or a seconding in questioning the facts. Taking a mystery and slathering it with a mythos as if this were to be the answers of all life.  sad-pit

Yes all said, give me something outside myself to augment my fragile esteem! I wanted to believe in a god, a great universe beyond, passionately. Who failed who? Or did we fail at all? There is a great universe and universes beyond the mind capacity of understanding. We are much to do about nothing.

Why do humans create such an anal scale of the medium and judge all else by percentages, higher or lower than norm? Can we all be just the norm?

Being spiritual meant (a true story): While at a large crystal exhibition in the late 80’s, one booth represented by a man in charge (of what he was in charge of is yet to be clear). He posed a $2000.00 crystal ball. It was beautiful; my eyes were taken by such a lovely work of art. And it was large ~ pink, I like large spherical balls. He stated he would only accept cash as a purchase for this lovely pink brilliant quartz. He had a prominent sign stating “credit cards” accepted, yet he turned away customers who wish to purchase the beautiful Pink dreamy crystal with a card or check. He lost at least ½ dozen sales. I was estimating his losses, while watching for a period; incredulous how humans cut their own throats behaving badly in a passive demeanor. Then he had the audacity to complained about his monetary lack and having to pay for ~the hotel and airline tickets, gas funding and food. Hmmm this was interesting play on ignorance. Why; because of his limited spiritual beliefs.

My point is beliefs are as erroneous in accordance to human life. It is good necessary in truth ~ to have integrity?. One must acquire honor, compassion, kindness, helpfulness, loving, caring; all the great qualities that makes humanity (and more) worth participating and feeling a part of in life. My point, is this a religion?

Many of us carry a great moral compass when born, of all these qualities and more. We are agnostics, atheists and do not own a gun to shoot others’ of a different belief, rather relish finding the differences to augment our wisdom and further our once limited point of view. Yes, someone else point of view is knowledge. What does this bring humanity? We all think differently thereby expand in wisdom.

We may grow up on the same continent, go to the same school and still be different. I was different on all accounts, for I grew up on three continents; spoke four languages fluently.

ImageI thought I was just a little different due to these circumstances. Well come to find out, there are people who lived their entire lives in one state, one town, never ventured further than these boundaries and see the entire world in a different light through different lenses,  than any of us could perceived!

What makes a human?

I am a writer, a Buddhist, an Equestrian, large dog lover (also volunteer my talents to rehabilitate service dogs. I am a gourmand, life enthusiast and simple phrases make my mind think! Not complicated in the least.

One more other item whilst I have your attention. It’s about my body!

The body no congressional leader should have an opinion in regards to how I use and take care of my body, it is none of their business. The only opinion that matters is what I choose to do with this body of mine!


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  1. Smithe716 says:

    I like what you guys are up too. This kind of clever work and exposure! bkeaedbdbdebcdfc


    1. MicheleElys says:

      Thank you Smithe716
      You can get updates either following:
      Twitter @MicheleElys
      Or on FB MicheleElys MicheleElys
      Thank you and cheers


    2. MicheleElys says:

      Thank you for the compliment, and stay tuned. I post at least twice a month and appreciate everyone’s comments especially if they are made on the blog! It keeps my work easy to reply
      Next blog coming this week


  2. MicheleElys says:


    I reread your reply and was caught by these words of yours:
    “God himself should be aware of his own existence and thus should not have to believe that he exists.”
    So true, if one thought about this mere existence of ours, we would not have to search for ourselves over decades through alternative venues. We would simply, KNOW! No god necessary, possibly no therapists either! LOLOL cutting my throat on this one!


  3. ickering says:

    What a wonderful story on Saturday with all of it’s multiple double entendre. I laughed and laughed. Really! A red headed woman talking about her burning bush – ‘ragging’ on theism. I’m sure it was your intent and not accidental humor. Thanks so very much. Fan … tastic read.

    Your fan,


    1. MicheleElys says:

      Thank you !!! now to figure out how to fix what I just really reallly broke!!! OYVEY and I am not jewish…..French


  4. Storm K says:

    Maybe the problem is with ” God ” being male or female. Maybe it’s about believe in what you choose to believe for yourself. I am Cherokee, and my believe is in the Great Spirit, I see all things from nature and Mother Earth as have a spirit just as I do. I call the sky, father and night and moon mother! I do not ask anyone to believe as I do. My believe in the great spirit, reminds me that there is one far greater then myself, and that the great spirit ( or Great Father) is strongest in the female! Thought them they remind us males of the things that we have forgotten about all the many great things that the Great Father has given to us through Mother Nature, and cures she offer if we just know were to look. These are the gifts that females are given and the reason what female is stronger in spirit, just as most religions believe, that the temple of God, is inside of the female for there you will find heaven!
    As for King James, he wanted to have things go him way and not the way of the church, he rewrote the old book, and people excepted it because it fit there needs as
    Well. Think about!


  5. MicheleElys says:


    You always have a global POV and nice reading and nodding my head. In short, it was a long process in becoming an atheist, for I grew up in Europe and remember going to many churches by myself as a child. Being in awe of the masterful works of artist who wish to convey the deep inner recesses of life they experienced and called God. It meant a great deal to them, ALL.
    The process was arduous for I leave no stone unturned, from the Swamjis and guru, to the Sri’s and holy orders, I sought in vein to believe in what the masses feel upon with severe codependency.
    One day I came across a philosopher and his words resonated deeply within. And then another philosopher and writers – what they wrote opened my little world of desperate belief and struggling within to be a good person, one of compassion and strength.
    It boiled down to two things for me, the day I grew up. What if the god so many believed in didn’t care what happened or what they did. I looked at the world and these words hit hard. there was so little caring in this world, so many suffering and I realized that the god they thought was real was all in their wishes.
    A mythos slathering a mystery for a simple answer to such an impossible question of life truly is.
    then another thought came as I learned, listened and watch science and physicist speak about the continual expanding universe. This day I said, these expanding universes were too magnificent and vast for any one -portrayed in the likeness of man to create.
    we are too much of a simpleton and yet so hubris in manner, to separate ourselves as god like and become compassion – understand and much more and finally responsible for ALL our actions upon this planet.
    there is no god that will save the planet, the air, the water the polar icebergs from melting, the starving children and adults, the homeless the wars……….. cease the wars was my final epiphany…..wars, what are they good for, absolutely nothing.
    I remember this song from long ago and many times repeated the words in my head.
    I stood with other conscientious objectors to not kill what was termed as an enemy. I saw them from other cultures with families, thought, names another person just I was and I could not think of killing another for a political feat, a war.
    I do believe have heroes in our lives and some serve their country and all of us safe in some shelter we may call home. I have not had a home in the last year, much the last 6 years. Long story, the topic of the second book I am writing……
    So Swarn your words are always enlightening and a broader piece in view point. The fact that you think upon these things as Krishnamurti suggested is marvelous to me.
    I do not a long time to this earth and hope to find a home for myself, Sade, Sammie and my two Arabs, so that I may write and speak on such subjects. I also wish for my writing to change from chaos to love at some point, seeing the good instead being exposed to all the sickness and calamity of this world.
    If you know anyone in Colorado for all my friends have dispersed. Later this month i am taking a few days to drive up and reconnect hoping to find a sanctuary and leave the sinking dark bog of NM and all it’s oddities behind for good. It was well worth the time, but my body is surgically done into bionics. We are done and time to march forward, writing and communicating, stringing together a better world that understands with compassion. Each person giving a little more latitude to every ones’ POV.
    Time to rest, i have two more articles to publish and then to work on a very difficult one and form some new speeches. It is time for a more public life through work.
    Thank you for your time and brilliant imput.

    Now to figure out a better format in wordpress………………. arrrgghhh


  6. MicheleElys says:

    I read *typonese* and also write the invisible words. That means we are normally on the same thought stream.
    Maybe you could guide me to a better tutorial or some tips for wordpress. I seem to be a dolt when it comes to simple programs – was a master with MacroMedia LOL
    I like how you have your tag lines and still have not figured out to have the “About” in the page, showing at the bottom as you do.
    Great lay out on your blog and love to read you and what you have to say. I would like to add you as a link to my blog, but that was over simple and did not work when I linked you in. Geezz at least I get to laugh at all this…..back to writing and getting life going here in order to move back to Colorado LOL with two Arabians in tow.
    Next article should be Sammie Kewl Kat, but I have so much material on Online DAting…….. itching itching…………ta ta


  7. MicheleElys says:

    Hmmmmm a default system is using Lisa as a auto reply message, have another thing to fix with wordpress.

    Maybe it’s time to review the entire tutorial. More time……….. YIKES. could I have a 30 hour day please *~)


  8. judith says:

    Let’s have a conversation about this when we meet on the 13th. Also where and when is this meeting taking place. You choose since I did last time


    1. Lisa says:

      please reply online here Judith. I would prefer to have other conversations worthy of exploration in person.


  9. Swarn Gill says:

    Wow! A lot I could say here, but alas it would take too much time. 🙂 Not really even to disagree with anything, but rather just to provide an additional point of view.

    If I were to give a cheeky response I would say that God would have to be an Atheist simply because an atheist does not believe in God. God himself should be aware of his own existence and thus should not have to believe that he exists. By default he would be an atheist. 🙂

    If you are interested in an excellent book about belief it called The Believing Brain by Michael Shermer. Belief is as much a part of our natural learning as reasoning. And belief is a necessary part of learning. When we are young it is difficult to turn this off when we know very little about the world and must default to authority figures for our very survival. This is why the teaching of children, especially when they are young is far more important than how you teach them at a university where I teach.

    I think ultimately the reason why all religions fail and cause problems is that they build a pyramid structure of life. In which God is at the top, man kind is next an all matter of plants and animals below. It’s quite a convenient structure for man, because after all God may be at the top, but it’s not like he is physically around to defend himself or herself or to scold you when you are causing hurt to other people. Whether god exists or not is irrelevant, the fact is god has no actual voice in this world. So that makes man free to be the voice of god and come up with all sorts of wonderful ways to depict god. And with man as the grand messenger of god’s great word we can fudge a few things along the way because we are after all SO very important, and it sure would be great to have a nicer house. More than that as second in command, and no god physically around to take the reins I can pretty much do anything I want with the planet that god made. Surely God will understand, because he wouldn’t have made us second in command if he didn’t trust us and didn’t want us to continue as the most awesome manifestation of his creation ever.

    The truth, and the real power of the Theory of Evolution, is that it teaches us that evolution is not convergent. It was not trying to create us. That all creatures are evolved and each one is perfect for it’s own environment and what it needs to do. I remember reading Guns, Germs, and Steel by Jared diamond and he at some point is talking about how microbes work and he says “After all the microbe has as much right to life as we do”. That statement really packed a punch to me. Should we just assume all of nature is here for our benefit? Should we pity the dung beetle simply because it doesn’t have the opportunity to buy a house and get a car? Evolution has made everything it needs to be to survive best in the environment it is in. And if starts not surviving well that species will either die out our evolve into something else it needs to be. Even if our brilliance leads to us getting off this rock and exploring the cosmos, are we still any more important than the dung beetle? No, I don’t believe we are. However we are luckier. And there is nothing wrong with appreciate when you’ve been luckier. Our intelligence and the emergent property of consciousness has given us a freedom that no other species enjoys. But it was still an accident, and it is a double edge sword. Because for all the awareness it can give us about the mass of life that surges through this planet and that it all should be appreciated, it also makes us aware of that we do have a greater amount of power. And power is a temptation to any being with a consciousness.

    If there is a god and we are to truly come to love him as we should, the only model that will work is one with him on the top and then only every species on Earth at the base of the pyramid. And even then we must stress about what God wants…we need only look across that wide and wondrous base of life. For what more could god want of any creature who has accidentally evolved this conscious awareness, accept to be aware and appreciate existence in all its splendor.

    Part of the reason I am an atheist because I know God doesn’t intervene in our personal lives. That conceit is a poison. I am an atheist because I know that if there is a God it is a God of all life, not just here but everywhere, and we are but it one lonely spot in a vast universe. And I feel we have no business trying to even understand, let alone speak for, something so complex that could create this universe while we cannot even take care of each other or our own planet properly. We have no business breaking down God’s complexity while we know so little about the universe and have barely broken the skin of our own planet in terms of actual exploration.


    1. MicheleElys says:


      You are wonderful in your comments, and I need time to appropriately reply. This evening of course!!


      1. Swarn Gill says:

        No worries…you are a busy person. And I see now after re-reading my comments I should have been doing some serious editing for all the typos. When I type fast I forget to write certain words. I mean they are already written in my mind…doesn’t that count? LOL


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